Our European Wine Adventure, Featuring: AR Lenoble

Our co-owners, Mike and Alice White, just returned from a long adventure in wine scouting throughout Europe.

They are always looking to bring the best, brightest, and up and coming wines back to our shelves!

One of their visits was to AR Lenoble. You can see more from their trip in the gallery as well as this lovely review taken from howtospendit.ft.com written by Alice Lascelles...


"Single-vineyard champagnes – and particularly those from famous clos – often command a premium. Yet everyone is keen to stress that single‑vineyard champagnes are not necessarily better than champagnes that are a blend of different terroirs. “For me, it is like comparing a soloist and an orchestra,” says Olivier Krug. “Both have the capacity to be absolutely wonderful, but in their own, unique ways.”

And some single-vineyard champagnes can be very distinctive indeed. If you want to take a walk on the wild side, try the multi-vintage Les Aventures from one of the growers of the moment, AR Lenoble. Made from a half-hectare plot in the village of Chouilly, this blanc de blancs tastes like a pork chop smothered in creamy mushrooms, dry sherry, nuts, golden plums, sharp pineapple and whiffy Epoisses cheese all in one. I fell in love with it eventually, but not before it utterly freaked me out.

The powerful, often heavily oaked champagnes of cult growers Jacques Selosse and Ulysse Collin – both required reading for any fan of the terroiriste movement – can also be something of an acquired taste."

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Booming growth on Daniel Island continues... Our ABC News 4 Interview

by ALEX HEATON     Monday, March 5th 2018

Crew after crew continue to chip away at the changing landscape on Daniel Island.

“The last year we've noticed a huge growth,” said Tammy Haight, a business owner and resident of the island for the past 10 years. “It seems like it's happening all at the same time.”

The Lowcountry’s largest publicly traded company, Blackbaud, recently completed the $154 million dollar facility that will house its global headquarters.

Several new apartment complexes and retail space have opened as well as a senior living facility and a restaurant with an on-site brewery.

Mike White took advantage of the exploding growth on the island. “I think it's easy to say our population has added another 50 percent so we're probably 90 percent through with completing our development of Daniel Island.” White said.

He owns Bin 526, a new 7,000 square foot wine bar and retail shop.

If wine isn’t your thing, you can grab a cup of coffee next door at what White said is the largest Starbucks in the state.

The building housing Bin 526 and Starbucks is one of several new buildings, residential and commercial, that have been built in the past few years.

“Instead of one building going up, they're all going up at the same time,” said Haight.

“I think it's mirrored Charleston's growth,” White added. “It's been very, very steady over the past 10 years but certainly in the last three to four, once Blackbaud announced their corporate expansion and headquarters here, that was really a jumpstart for the marketplace.”

Still, some believe the booming growth has kicked traffic trouble into high gear.

“That's my biggest concern out here,” said Haight. “I do own a business and right in front of the restaurant we see the backup up at the light all the way down Seven Farms Drive.”

Haight, who is thankful for the impact the growth has had on her business, said she thinks traffic will get worse as more people continue to move to the island.

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

A Special Conversation with Napa Winemaker Rob Mondavi, Jr.

Michael Mondavi Family Estate - Heritage Block Vineyard

Michael Mondavi Family Estate - Heritage Block Vineyard

Each month at Bin 526, Daniel Island’s newest Wine Bar and retail store, we will offer our customers a “Featured Winemaker of the Month”. We are honored to host Napa Valley’s favorite son, Mr. Rob Mondavi, Jr., as our opening’s special guest!

Rob sat down with Bin 526 Founder, Mike White, and offered the following insights:

MW: Rob, we are so excited to share 8 of your specially selected wines with our Daniel Island customers during our opening months of December and January! Tell us what our friends can look forward to…

RMJ: It was an honor for my family and me to be selected as Bin 526’s first-ever Featured Winemaker of the Month, what a great new concept you are offering to Daniel Island and greater Charleston! We’ll be providing 8 fantastic choices, ranging from an Italian favorite Nebbiolo, an Argentine Malbec, an Austrian Gruner and of course, full fruit flavor Cabernets from Napa, including Animo, Emblem, Oberon and our flagship Michael Mondavi M.

MW: What sort of events can we look forward to?

RMJ: I’ll be personally involved during in-store classes and tastings! I love how Bin 526’s emphasis is on wine education and the interactive customer experience. Your investment in audio-visual will make your new store Best of Class in wine retailing!

MW: What’s next for Rob Mondavi, Jr.?

RMJ: Wine has been our family business for 4 generations. The Robert Mondavi winery helped establish California as the premier winegrowing region it is today. Now our legacy continues and I’m more excited about wine’s future than ever, especially when we can partner with a retailer of the highest quality in Bin 526 on Daniel Island!






Michael Mondavi Family Estate - Oso Vineyard

Michael Mondavi Family Estate - Oso Vineyard

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

In the news: New Starbucks And Bin 526 On Track For December Openings

As seen in the Daniel Island News on 11/21/2017 - BY: KATIE ESTABROOK

According to founder of Bin 526 Mike White, the new Starbucks location on Daniel Island will feel like a “cathedral of coffee” with 30-foot ceilings and plenty of seating, both inside and out.

According to founder of Bin 526 Mike White, the new Starbucks location on Daniel Island will feel like a “cathedral of coffee” with 30-foot ceilings and plenty of seating, both inside and out.

When designing the plans for the soon-to-be-open Starbucks and Bin 526, located behind the Refuel gas station and convenience store on Daniel Island, the developer imagined a unique building with an old-Charleston look on the outside and an eclectic feel on the inside.

Even though the inside of the 10,000 square foot facility that will house both new businesses is still merely a skeleton of what is to come, it is not hard to picture what they had in mind—especially with the enthusiasm expressed by founder and partner of Bin 526 Mike White, who led The Daniel Island News on an inside tour of the property last week.

According to White, the plans for the building were designed to incorporate a street scene.

“We moved the whole building forward so that people are hanging out here having a good time,” said White. “These new apartments across from here will have a dog park and their communal area right in front of our patio, so that will definitely help create the scene that we want. People who are driving by will also be able to see that and pull in.”

Bin 526, a boutique wine bar, craft beer and spirits store, will be much more than a typical bar, explained White. The business model incorporates a unique concept seamlessly intertwining retail, a bar, tasting opportunities, and a lounge. Connected to the bar but operating from a different address will be the spirits store. Because of South Carolina law, they must close at 7 p.m. and cannot be open on Sundays.

Manager of Bin 526 Bill Hoffman was also on the tour and gave a brief break down of what is to come for the building. In setting the scene, he described wine racks throughout the shop, wine stations with automatic wine machines for tasting, televisions, a bottle-shaped table, an estate cooler for high-end wines, a tasting room with a bar, space for wine classes, and more.

“From the tasting room, you can go right outside to the designated rope area to sit and drink and then the rest of the deck is for anybody to use anytime they want to,” added Hoffman. “As the sun sets, we have the canopy covering, so you still have coverage but it’s still nice and outdoorsy.”

The kitchen, added Hoffman, will serve cheese, charcuterie and appetizers.

“We’re going to do appetizers where we partner with people on the island, so they will have 15 to 20 things on the menu at any given time,” said Hoffman. “People will always be able to order food.”

Connected to the kitchen of Bin 526, is the warehouse room where the company will store their wine. According to White, they will be able to store up to 8000 bottles at a time.

“Our delivery door is attached to the warehouse, so we won’t have anyone with a forklift coming through our store,” said White. “Even with a lot of product coming in, it will be discreet.”

In the same building as Bin 526, the new Starbucks that sits next door will feel like a “cathedral of coffee,” explained White.

“Have you ever been in such a large Starbucks?” asked White. “The ceilings are cathedral-style at almost 30-feet—A cathedral of coffee because people love this stuff. The inside has a very large seating area too and it wraps all away around the restaurant. Starbucks came here and loved Daniel Island so much and the site and the concept, that they told me to move the wall 10 feet and it gave them 18 percent more rentable area. It worked out really well.”

The soft-opening for Bin 526 is currently set for Friday, Dec. 16 and Starbucks, a week after that, on Dec. 12 or 13. This could change depending on completion of City inspections and licensing. For additional information, visit www.bin526.com.

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181