You Are What You Drink: What Your Go-To Bottle Says About You

We know you have a type, that’s why we’ve perfectly described your personality based on what we know about your favorite wines.

Rose: You've figured out the socially acceptable way to drink, you've got charm and a bubbly personality and you love sandals and sun hats and anything trendy!

Chardonnay: You love pralines and ice cream, have a big and bold personality, but are a lifelong fan of the comfort zone - not that that's a bad thing!

Sauvignon Blanc: You're focused and aware of your superiority and extreme sophistication. You love anything complex and your social calendar will never be booked enough.

White Zinfandel: You're easing into becoming a wino, and you'll get there!

Pinot Grigio: You're cultured and want to taste flavors from around the world. You're easy to talk to and definitely a hopeless romantic.

Riesling: You're sweet, and oh so nice. You give great advice and are always there for support!

Anything Bubbly: You're always looking to celebrate, even the smaller milestones in life! You live larger than life and love it that way.

Shiraz: You're the life of the party and a true free-spirit. You like fast cars, colorful movies, and loud music. You also want to travel and see the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon: You're certainly not subtle, and are always assertive and direct. You love discussion and make sure that your voice is always heard. You love the classic things in life and get better with age.

Merlot: It's easy to drink and you're easy to get along with. You're a delight to be around and converse with, but you're also deeply passionate.

Malbec: You love to read and have a deep soul. You don't prefer crowds and love intimate groups. You appreciate long, real conversation.

Red Zinfandel: Your personality is edgy, but never distasteful!

Pinot Noir: You're elegant and graceful. You prefer small towns over big cities and love the beach but hate the sand between your toes.

You judged the wine by it's label: That's okay - we all do it! You're different and bold and let color and design drive your world. You're also probably a marketing guru, whether you knew it or not.

Sources: Refinery 29 // Elite Daily // Wine Folly // Bin 526

Bin Brand.png
Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

Bin 526 Featured in "Lowcountry Cuisine Magazine"!

Check out our feature “Charleston Area Self-Serve Wine Bars

“Charleston has a plethora of ways to enjoy great wine, from fine dining to wine-and-cheese bars all the way to self-serve wine bars. Most people assume they need to travel to France or Napa Valley to get a good wine education, but the reality is all they need to do is travel to the closest self-serve wine bar. You’ll find easy access to great wine and have the ability to not only sample wines from all over the world but learn about it at the same time.”

BIN 526  Bin 526 is located on Daniel Island. It is the perfect atmosphere for a post-work wine tasting or happy hour on their outdoor patio. It is home to 48 different types of wine from all over the world. All you need to do in order to sample at this self-serve wine bar is hand your credit card over to the people at the counter when you walk in, take the card they give you and swipe it at the wine dispensers. You can choose small, medium or large pours. Bin 526 also offers private wine classes, making it the ultimate way to get started on your wine education. The best way to enjoy yourself at Bin 526 is not only by sampling various wines but also enjoying their select wine-and-food pairing — Champagne and a lobster roll! Bin 526 gets their lobster fresh from Maine, and Champagne couldn’t make for a more perfect pairing.
Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

Come see our Featured Winemaker selection from Orin Swift

One of our current featured winemakers is David Swift Phinney who produces the highly recognizable and edgy Orin Swift labels in St. Helena, California. Phinney Founded Orin Swift Cellars in 1998 after discovering his love for wine on a trip to Florence, Italy. You can find Orin Swift’s Papillon, Palermo, Machete, Slander, and Abstract on our shelves now, as well as in our tasting machine for a limited time!

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

Roses and Rosé at Bin 526

We had a great time hosting our Roses and Rosé event with our rep, Lesley, from Alice’s Table! Each attendee was able to bring home a beautiful rose arrangement while tasting from our selection of rosés. We look forward to hosting more events like this one in the future!

Want to host an event with us? Contact

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

Our European Wine Adventure, Featuring: AR Lenoble

Our co-owners, Mike and Alice White, just returned from a long adventure in wine scouting throughout Europe.

They are always looking to bring the best, brightest, and up and coming wines back to our shelves!

One of their visits was to AR Lenoble. You can see more from their trip in the gallery as well as this lovely review taken from written by Alice Lascelles...


"Single-vineyard champagnes – and particularly those from famous clos – often command a premium. Yet everyone is keen to stress that single‑vineyard champagnes are not necessarily better than champagnes that are a blend of different terroirs. “For me, it is like comparing a soloist and an orchestra,” says Olivier Krug. “Both have the capacity to be absolutely wonderful, but in their own, unique ways.”

And some single-vineyard champagnes can be very distinctive indeed. If you want to take a walk on the wild side, try the multi-vintage Les Aventures from one of the growers of the moment, AR Lenoble. Made from a half-hectare plot in the village of Chouilly, this blanc de blancs tastes like a pork chop smothered in creamy mushrooms, dry sherry, nuts, golden plums, sharp pineapple and whiffy Epoisses cheese all in one. I fell in love with it eventually, but not before it utterly freaked me out.

The powerful, often heavily oaked champagnes of cult growers Jacques Selosse and Ulysse Collin – both required reading for any fan of the terroiriste movement – can also be something of an acquired taste."

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181

Booming growth on Daniel Island continues... Our ABC News 4 Interview

by ALEX HEATON     Monday, March 5th 2018

Crew after crew continue to chip away at the changing landscape on Daniel Island.

“The last year we've noticed a huge growth,” said Tammy Haight, a business owner and resident of the island for the past 10 years. “It seems like it's happening all at the same time.”

The Lowcountry’s largest publicly traded company, Blackbaud, recently completed the $154 million dollar facility that will house its global headquarters.

Several new apartment complexes and retail space have opened as well as a senior living facility and a restaurant with an on-site brewery.

Mike White took advantage of the exploding growth on the island. “I think it's easy to say our population has added another 50 percent so we're probably 90 percent through with completing our development of Daniel Island.” White said.

He owns Bin 526, a new 7,000 square foot wine bar and retail shop.

If wine isn’t your thing, you can grab a cup of coffee next door at what White said is the largest Starbucks in the state.

The building housing Bin 526 and Starbucks is one of several new buildings, residential and commercial, that have been built in the past few years.

“Instead of one building going up, they're all going up at the same time,” said Haight.

“I think it's mirrored Charleston's growth,” White added. “It's been very, very steady over the past 10 years but certainly in the last three to four, once Blackbaud announced their corporate expansion and headquarters here, that was really a jumpstart for the marketplace.”

Still, some believe the booming growth has kicked traffic trouble into high gear.

“That's my biggest concern out here,” said Haight. “I do own a business and right in front of the restaurant we see the backup up at the light all the way down Seven Farms Drive.”

Haight, who is thankful for the impact the growth has had on her business, said she thinks traffic will get worse as more people continue to move to the island.

Bin 526 •  20 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island (next to Starbucks)  •  (843) 377-8181