You Are What You Drink: What Your Go-To Bottle Says About You

We know you have a type, that’s why we’ve perfectly described your personality based on what we know about your favorite wines.

Rose: You've figured out the socially acceptable way to drink, you've got charm and a bubbly personality and you love sandals and sun hats and anything trendy!

Chardonnay: You love pralines and ice cream, have a big and bold personality, but are a lifelong fan of the comfort zone - not that that's a bad thing!

Sauvignon Blanc: You're focused and aware of your superiority and extreme sophistication. You love anything complex and your social calendar will never be booked enough.

White Zinfandel: You're easing into becoming a wino, and you'll get there!

Pinot Grigio: You're cultured and want to taste flavors from around the world. You're easy to talk to and definitely a hopeless romantic.

Riesling: You're sweet, and oh so nice. You give great advice and are always there for support!

Anything Bubbly: You're always looking to celebrate, even the smaller milestones in life! You live larger than life and love it that way.

Shiraz: You're the life of the party and a true free-spirit. You like fast cars, colorful movies, and loud music. You also want to travel and see the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon: You're certainly not subtle, and are always assertive and direct. You love discussion and make sure that your voice is always heard. You love the classic things in life and get better with age.

Merlot: It's easy to drink and you're easy to get along with. You're a delight to be around and converse with, but you're also deeply passionate.

Malbec: You love to read and have a deep soul. You don't prefer crowds and love intimate groups. You appreciate long, real conversation.

Red Zinfandel: Your personality is edgy, but never distasteful!

Pinot Noir: You're elegant and graceful. You prefer small towns over big cities and love the beach but hate the sand between your toes.

You judged the wine by it's label: That's okay - we all do it! You're different and bold and let color and design drive your world. You're also probably a marketing guru, whether you knew it or not.

Sources: Refinery 29 // Elite Daily // Wine Folly // Bin 526

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