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Mike and Alice White

Mike and Alice White

Mike White, Co-Owner

My wife Alice and I celebrated 25 years of marriage this summer and have lived on Daniel Island for the past ten years, where we raised our three daughters. We started learning about wine while living in Texas in the late 90s and organized a wine club with our friends. The goal of our wine club was to make wine less intimidating. We had all been in that uncomfortable situation during a business dinner or special event when the wine list arrived at the table and you immediately feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the selections and price points. Our club met monthly and required you to bring a bottle to every meeting along with the story about the wine or winery to share with the club. Over time, our club took several wine related trips to Napa, Sonoma and the Willamette Valley in Oregon. When we relocated to Daniel Island in 2007, Alice and I moved almost 500 wines that we had been collecting for years. Our most cherished are the wines that correspond to the birth years of our three daughters.

We both believed that Daniel Island is such a special place that attracts people who live life to the fullest and want to share special experiences. The Daniel Island Club fills their ballroom with wine tastings once a month, but there are many people on D.I. who don't have access to the Club and would like to learn about wine. We saw an under-filled demand to enjoy wine in a casual setting where you can take classes and expand your passion for wine with like-minded people.    

We believe our concept for Bin 526 will re-define the standard of wine buying by providing an exceptional customer learning experience through our 48 wines available for tasting via our Napa Technologies machines. Our motto is simple: "Taste. Learn. Buy." Many wine buyers have thought about spending more on certain wines, but never felt fully comfortable or committed until they had a chance to actual taste the wine first. We aim to provide that service along with a highly trained staff of wine-loving, friendly and approachable professionals. We treat our employees like family and there are no commissions paid, which means no pressure on customers to pay more for wines! We want you to love the wine you purchase, at whatever price point you decide.  

We're local entrepreneurs who run other businesses but chose to invest heavily back into our Daniel Island community because we love living here. We wanted to give back to this special community and hope Bin 526 will become a source of pride for its uniqueness and high quality custom service.  Having Starbucks next door became a natural opportunity to pair their morning-intensive popularity with our evening-focused activities at Bin 526.  I love the saying: "Life Happens between coffee and wine"!

Our name has everything to do with our location along I-526 on Daniel Island.  The term "Bin" has been used by winemakers for centuries, meaning a way to organize and segment specific grapes, varietals or bottles in their cellars before being sold.  The 1962 Penfolds Bin 60A from Australia went on to win 19 different trophies internationally and became hailed as a classic, now selling for over $5,000 for a rare bottle. Today, many wine shops around the world use the word Bin in their name. Two of my personal favorites are Bin 201 in Annapolis, Bin 604 in downtown Baltimore and Bin 22 - a great little shop in Jackson Hole. We have no relation to the very fine shop downtown known as Bin 152

We specifically designed Bin 526 to offer Daniel Island residents an interesting and comfortable place to get together with friends and family in a casual setting and enjoy learning more about wines from around the world. Our Tasting Machines mean you can enjoy the wines you like best at your own pace. There's no pushy bar scene here or pressure to spend more than your comfortable with spending.  We want to help alleviate that fancy restaurant wine list pressure - we want you to impress your clients, your business partners or your date, and know better than to just be pressured into buying the most expensive wine on the list. 

At Bin 526, we are dedicated to helping you learn what you like and finding those wines at price points you are most comfortable with. So come join us! Grab a glass and use our free high-speed wifi to work or hang out with friends on the comfortable furniture inside or outside on our massive front patio! 

Wine should be about friendship and happiness, not the intimidation because the choices can be overwhelming. We love that Daniel Island is made up of people who expect nice things delivered in a nice manner. We hope to give our neighbors exactly that.

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